no mistakes

by staring contest

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this album was born in the heart of northwest georgia. written in a house down highway 151, and recorded in an abandoned building beside a church in ringgold, georgia,
each song attempts to paint a picture of a memory.


released October 19, 2016

'no mistakes' was written, tracked, and mixed by Dylan Thomas.

with great assistance during the recording process from Josh Mays.

mastered by Chad Caroland.

design by Kalib Moore.

photography by Savannah Amos.

special thanks to: Philip Amos, Preston Amos, Savannah Amos, David Haynes, Josh Mays, Abi Brown, Mackenzie Hill, Ringgold SDA Church, Julie Thomas, Stacy Thomas, Kalib Moore, Chad Caroland, Flintstone Georgia, Sister Josephine, Camels, God, and all muses of each song.



all rights reserved


staring contest Chattanooga, Tennessee

Dylan Thomas is an American singer/songwriter from Ringgold, GA.

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Track Name: heaven is hard to find
I miss
The good ole days
when you and I
could see everything

in this
southern landscape

before you
go too cool
for This
Georgia thing

it's the same ole thing
everyone wants to move
to a big city
where nobody knows there name

well it's
a goddamned shame
but it's your funeral
you decorate
how you like

you're so fucking cool
you say there ain't no truth
but why do you keep
making sure
I believe it?

seems so hard
to find

but heaven
aint so far

I’ll keep singing the blues
and reading the news
in my small
southern mind

while you're traveling round
looking for a new sound.
to get me off
your mind.

cos we’re just the same
go up in flames
id call that
a sign

but whats burning bright
is that your mamas house
i wont shed
no tears.

seems so hard
to find

oh heaven's
aint so far
Track Name: ramblin'
fair ye well
go along
on this wide open

take good care
of that pure
leave no stone unturned

travel light
remember everything
remember the boys back home

we both know
your Georgia blood
needs to ramble on
we both know
your wandering is here.

give it your money's worth
give it your best shot
give em hell

write me often
we’ll be thinking about you
right here.

in that deep wood
past the canyon
we'll never get that back
we've already set it in stone

back in gods country
where the spirits live
we'd hide and get lost
expecting this

just like judgement day
I've seen the signs
cept’ this is already here
it’s on my mind.

we both know
your Georgia blood
needs to ramble on
we both know
your wandering is here.

give it your money's worth
give it your best shot
give em hell

write me often
we’ll be thinking about you
right here.

so long
you ole bastard
you remember this

that there ain't no pain
that won't teach you something
and there ain't no dark
that's not followed by a

you take good care of yourself
we're all rooting for you
I'll see you again
but it won't be the same.
Track Name: home run
im going
aint no savin me

im going
aint going back
for no one

smooth skin
the smoking
the red wine
yuore choking
on spit.

that empty bottle
you love me
dont you?

waiting for
my dreams to come true.

but isn't that
the point of this
tear out
all of your pieces

start it brand new
brand new
with what
i want out of you .

baby in
blue jeans
do you know what i mean?

we were all so cool
with our band friends
our smoking before school.

now were all drunk and fat.
running around
looking for something to steal

thank the lord
i got out of that
my lungs are burning
but at least i know whats real

now they say
one of us
will be in the ground
before spring this year
watch your mouth
i cant take the truth right now

god bless our reckless youth
god bless our reckless youth

i cant stand and watch
you die
in a parking lot
call it what it is
this is all bullshit.

ill tell the truth
when they chuck you in the grave
i wont lie to your momma
say you're in a better place